Interview Tips!

Interviews can be the most terrifying prospect for some of us – so we asked our Managing consultant, Claire Dorrance, and Account Manager, Kately Gilmour to share some top tips that will hopefully help you with any interview that comes your way!


  1. Before the interview, familiarise yourself with the organisation by researching its mission, goals, ongoing projects, values, and presence on social media. This demonstrates your commitment, initiative, and enthusiasm to the interview panel. Additionally, having knowledge about the organisation can boost your confidence during the interview and give you a basis for discussion.


  1. Consider how your abilities, background, and personality align with the organisation’s vision and principles. Additionally, reflect on how you can bring value to the organisation with your skills and experience. By preparing in this way, you will be able to articulate your qualifications effectively during the interview, without feeling unprepared.


  1. Carefully read the job description, paying close attention to the required skills and qualifications. Compare these to the information on your resume, and if necessary, update your CV to include any relevant skills or experiences that you may have forgotten. Additionally, prepare specific examples or anecdotes from your experience that demonstrate your qualifications for the role, so you can easily reference them during the interview.


  1. The STAR response method is a tried and tested technique for preparing for an interview. To utilise this method, think about specific examples related to the key skills required for the role, and break down your response into four parts: Situation, Task, Action, and Result. This will help you communicate effectively, avoid rambling, and showcase your skills in the best light possible. Remember to use each part of the STAR to truly highlight your strengths and sell yourself to the interviewer.


  1. During the interview, make sure to steer clear of using “we” when answering questions. Remember, you’re the one being interviewed and the hiring manager wants to hear about your skills and experience. By using “we,” you risk making it unclear what exactly you contributed in previous roles and whether you have the right experience for the job. So, focus on yourself and highlight your individual achievements!


  1. Get tech-ready – If you’re having a virtual interview, make sure to have your online application all set up and ready to go ahead of time. No one wants to deal with technical difficulties during an interview! Stay ahead of the game and ensure a smooth experience.


  1. Making sure you are dressed comfortably but professionally is important. We like to say “dress for the job you want!”


  1. Be prepared with some insightful questions for your interview. Doing some research on the company and the role can help you craft thoughtful inquiries. Consider asking about ongoing projects, potential company growth, and clarifying any questions about the job description. Show your interest and enthusiasm for the role by actively participating in the conversation and asking meaningful questions.


  1. Preparing yourself mentally is key to a successful interview. Take some time before the interview to review your examples, questions, and strengths. This will help you feel confident and ready to showcase your skills. Allocating just ten minutes before the interview can make a big difference!


  1. If you know who will be interviewing you, take five minutes to look them up on LinkedIn or on the company website. Seeing the hiring managers profile in advance can help calm nerves but knowing their professional background can also help you understand what they might be looking for.


  1. Bring your enthusiasm to the table! A smile, focused eye contact, attentive listening, and affirmative nods can show your genuine interest and positive attitude.